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Surely we should be grateful and give thanks to all of our ancestors. After all, they are the reason we are here. However, genealogists should especially tip their hats to the ones who made sure the facts were right and submitted later corrections to any records. My great-grandfather Franz Julius Fleischhauer’s (later went by Frank) original birth certificate from the Department of Health in New York City states he was born the morning of 9 Apr 1895 by midwife at his parent’s residence.[1]

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The record of Frank Fleischhauer’s birth named his parents as Franz Fleischhauer, who was at the time of the event 23 years and was a glassblower by occupation, and Meda Lang, 24 years of age.[2] The record stood for over 50 years, until corrections were submitted by Frank’s mother.


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Meta’s affidavit provided two very important corrections to the original birth record, stating that Frank’s actual date of birth was April 5th, not April 9th, and that her maiden name was Meta Rankin not Meda Lang.[3] A belated happy birthday to my great-grandfather Frank Fleischhauer!


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Frank Fleischhauer at wedding of son Bob and Margarette Freeman in Hartford, CT. (1943)


I have not yet ordered a contemporary copy of the birth certificate to see if it was amended with these corrections. The copy of Frank’s birth certificate in my possession was issued 5 Mar 1942. The affidavit came down to me through the family papers, so I’m not sure whether the affidavit remained on file with the NY City Dept. of Health.


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Meta Rankin Fleischhauer.


Thanks to my 2x great grandmother Meta and all the other ancestors who make sure the records have the correct facts! For that, I am definitely a grateful genealogist.



[1] Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. birth certificate no. 6192 (12 May 1895), Franz J. Fleischhauer; New York City Dept. of Health, New York, New York. The address at which Franz J Fleischhauer was born appears to be 360 Hamburg [?] in Brooklyn, however I could not confirm this address existed and is somewhat hard to decipher on the copy of the record.

[2] Brooklyn, NY., birth cert. no. 6192 (12 May 1895, Franz J. Fleischhauer.

[3] Affidavit by Meta Rankin Fleischhauer, 23 Aug 1951.

Copyright (c) 2016 Jake Fletcher.

Jake Fletcher. “Getting The Facts Right: Ancestors who Amended the Records.” Travelogues of a Genealogist, posted 8 Apr 2016. https://fletcherfamilytree.wordpress.com/2016/04/08/getting-the-facts-right-ancestors-who-amended-the-records