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My newest contribution to Legacy News is available and talks about how to research ancestors that died abroad. Consulates of the United States Government and British Parliament recorded vital statistics of their citizens in foreign jurisdictions. They are a great alternative when vital records at all levels (state, county, town) have been exhausted and one can still not determine what happened to their ancestor.

The U.S. Consul at Tiensin, China filed a report for my ancestor Helen Oliver Cornish and helped me greatly in determining what happened to her. While the death and internment may have been recorded at some point in California, this document serves as a more then adequate substitute source. I  She died in 1922 due to child labor complications. Her reasons for resending out of San Francisco are still unclear to me. The consul’s record provides an impressive amount of detail and alludes to nearby relatives and friends. By research them, I will more than likely be able to figure out the circumstances of my ancestor’s move.

I always enjoy contributing to Legacy News and hope you benefit from my tips!

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Jake Fletcher, “Records of Civilian Deaths Overseas (US and UK), Legacy News, posted 21 Oct 2015. http://news.legacyfamilytree.com/legacy_news/2015/10/records-of-civilian-deaths-overseas.html