Always check for cemetery records. After receiving copies of the death records, an important clue would lead me to more genealogical sources of the Olswang family. Margaret Olswang’s death record said she was buried in “Montefiore Cemetery, Queens”. Montefiore Cemetery is a large Jewish Cemetery on Long Island and has a well kept website. Most valuable to genealogists is the searchable database of tombstones. In one search, the Olswang Family was located.

I now had a death date for my second great-grandfather, Jacob Olswang, 14 Mar 1950. He was born just past the New York City Death Index that ran up to 1948. Also valuable was the synagogue association provided by the tombstone database. The Olswang Family went to the “Conservative Synagogue of Jamaica”, named after the neighborhood of Jamaica in Queens, New York. The Olswang’s first came to Brooklyn but settled as a family in Queens, the census lists their address as 170-17 Cedarcroft Road. Were they in the neighborhood of this synagogue? A research of the address places the Conservative Synagogue of Jamaica at 169-82 Wexford Terrace, Jamaica, NY. A quick check on Google maps shows that the Olswang’s residence and synagogue was only a mile away from each other. Most families belong to their neighborhood religious place of worship. The Conservative Synagogue of Jamaica left this address in 2004 and merged with other local congregations. My next step is to learn more about Jewish genealogy.

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Jake Fletcher

I searched for New York City Vital Records.  I was looking for more genealogical information on the family of my second great-grandfather Jacob/John Olswang. Under the database of  New York City Death Records 1891-1948, I found death certificates for his second son and his wife.

Olswang, Arthur

Age of Death: 43 years old

Date of Death: 10 April 1942

Certificate No. 2870

Queens County


Olswang, Margaret

Age of Death: 64 years old

Date of Death: 23 Oct 1939

Certificate No. 7217

Queens County

I sent in request forms for the original records, and am curious as to what other genealogical clues the record will reveal. There age and date of death conflict with the years of birth that I have, but only by about a year.

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