I went to National Archives of Ireland website which holds some excellent online records. I went to the Will & Testamentary Records looked up the surname Oliver in County Galway, and got impressive results. I moved to the will/probate records and found Bartholomew Oliver. More evidence is needed to confirm Bartholomew Oliver gave birth to Capt. Bartholomew Oliver as well as Denis James and John Bartholomew.

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Calendars of Wills and Administrations, Bartholomew Oliver, 1889, page 570. Accessed at National Archives of Dublin, http://www.willcalendars.nationalarchives.ie/reels/cwa/005014903/005014903_00301.pdf

Jake Fletcher

At NEHGS, I talked to Marie Daly, who is the resident expert on Irish Families and told her how I found Bartholomew’s children’s baptisms and an index listing in the Griffith’s Valuations. He was listed as being in Fish Quay townland in Galway City.

Marie was very helpful and walked me through everything and had tons of suggestions. Luckily, NEHGS had the full Griffith’s Valuations on microfiche and so I was able to get all of the information.


The record states Bartholomew Oliver lived at Fish Quay at the intersection of Flood Street, his house was worth 8 pounds, which Marie said was a lot and lived most likely in a two-floor middle class home. Marie then mentioned the ordinance maps that Ireland did for these tax valuations in the late 1830s, they also had those on microfiche. After shifting the fiche around we found fish quay and she determined a…

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