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In my diligent search for the direct Freeman line, I have decided to contact as many historians and genealogists as possible.

First, I spoke with the Research team at the Franklin County Historical Society in Malone, NY (www.franklinhistory.org) to research my ancestors of Westville and Fort Covington. I am excited to see what their find brings. I also reached out to the county courthouse to research a trial that happened concerning the estate of my 4x great-grandfather, John Dewey. [1] I requested a search at the court house and the archivist could not locate any records of the trial

ephraim dewey v. freeman

In Wisconsin, LuAnn Elsinger a genealogist from Portage County, Wisconsin (Stevens Point Area Gen. Society) found some great clues on Azro Freeman. In a compiled history of early Belmont residents, Azron Freeman was the first postmaster of the town from 1856 to 1864. Not only is it a great insight into his life experience, but provides further evidence to the date of his arrival of Wisconsin since he migrated from New York.

I also contacted genealogists from Dayton County, Sue Dunbar (Waupaca Area Gen. Society) did not find any probate or death records of my ancestors at the Waupaca County Courthouse, she suggested I contact the Parfreyville Church which may have more information, so I wrote to them recently.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in my research and have a wonderful holiday! Plenty of exciting finds to this day and will be posting soon.

[1] “Notice of Trial, Ephraim O. Dewey v. Dewey et. al” dated 14 October 1884. Franklin Gazette (Fort Covington, NY) Feb 1885. Online at NYS Historical Newspapers.


Jake Fletcher, “Help from Genealogists and Historical Societies,” Travelogues of a Genealogist, posted 23 Nov 2014.

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