Original Baptismal Records of the Oliver Family

Thanks to Professor Bryan Lamkin for conducting this research while he is on his tour of Europe. Now I would like to share these fascinating records with you.

These are the original baptismal records of my 3rd great-grandfather John Oliver, and his brother Denis James Oliver.

John Oliver, baptised April 2nd 1826, to Bartholomew Oliverand Catherine Mannion

Denis James Oliver, baptised July 25 1823 to Bartholomew Oliver and Catherine Mannion

Here’s a picture of where the Oliver’s approximately lived in Galway! Very cool stuff, would like to thank Bryan again for sharing this with me and letting me share it with all of you.

Copyright (c) 2010 byJake Fletcher

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2 comments on “Original Baptismal Records of the Oliver Family

  1. Adrian says:

    Jake, please send me an email, as I found some other details on the Oliver family in an 1862 obit I think you will find very interesting. I’ll be back later this week, and should have it by then.

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