Finally connected back to Germany

Got a great email the other day from a Fleischhauer cousin in Germany who found my blog and confirmed that the fleischhauer family was originally from Hanover, Germany! Here is the website that he directed me that i think he created


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4 comments on “Finally connected back to Germany


    Hi Jake,
    My grandmother was Katherine Connor Oliver Fay & my mother, Jean Oliver Fay Webster. She and Patsy Goodlett were great friends as well as 1st cousins.
    Some friends and I are planning a trip to Ireland next summer and I was hoping you had some email contacts that I could get in touch with before I go.
    Hope this finds you well,


    • Jake Fletcher says:

      Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for getting in touch with me. i know a couple you could get in touch with, I recently got an email from a Professor Bryan Lamkin who is going to Ireland to research the olivers, his e-mail is,

      also you might want to get in touch with Ciana Welby, who lives in Galway, she goes to NUI and was researching the olivers a while back and got in touch with me, her email is

      Hope this Helps,

      Jake Fletcher


  2. Joshua Fleischauer says:

    Hey I’m Josh fleischauer and I really don’t know anything about that side of my family so is it possible that my name is like dirvitve of fleischhauer?


    • Jake Fletcher says:

      Hey josh,

      Thanks for your email. Fleischauer is definitely a derivative of Fleischhauer, in fact there are many. Do you know anything about your family tree so i can see if we are related.

      Jake Fletcher


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