Research Brick Wall: 2nd Great-Grandmother Lizzie Williams

My 2nd Great-Grandmother Lizzie Williams has been my biggest brick wall to date. I need to find her birth and death dates and identify her parents. I am posting this because I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. So far I’ve struck out on everything. A lot of my research has come pretty easy up until this point.

According to the Fletcher Family Records, Elizabeth Maria Williams was born 12 Feb 1862 and died 27 Jan 1951 in Madera, California. There is no primary documentation of these dates[1]. I have her marriage record where Maria Elizabeth “Lizzie” Williams married Wallace E Freeman on 05 Feb 1890 in Spokane Falls, Spokane, Washington[2]. I searched the 1892 Lincoln County Census on the US GenWeb site for Lincoln County and found Wallace and Elizabeth Freeman. Elizabeth Freeman was 20 years old and born in Illinois[3]. This is the only documentation of them. I searched the transcriptions of the 1902 Lincoln County Census and found no record of them. In 1910, Wallace Freeman is found living in Lemoore, Kings County, California and is listed as divorced[4]. According to Family Lore, Lizzie ran off with a priest! I have not been able to find a record of Wallace and/or Lizzie in the 1900 US Federal Census. I searched the Lincoln County GenWeb Site Weddings of Lincoln County Pioneers and found no record of Maria Elizabeth Williams. I searched the California Death Index, 1940-1997 for a Maria Elizabeth who died 27 Jan 1951 in Madera, California. I found no record that matched the information I had. I searched the 1880 US Federal Census for Maria Elizabeth Williams born 1872 in Illinois and found a record of Elizabeth M Williams born 1872 in Illinois living  in Bedford, Wayne County, Illinois[5]. Her father was named John N Williams and was born in Kentucky in 1838. In the Fletcher Family Records, I have a record of discharge for a John N Williams who served in the Kentucky Fifth Volunteers during the Civil War and was discharged 14 Sept 1864. The record said he was 22 years old and born in Anderson County, Kentucky. This is a possible match,  but more research needs to be done. The next step is to find the divorce record of Wallace Freeman and Maria Elizabeth Williams. I sent a query to the Lincoln County Washington Clerk since it is their last known residence.

Curiously enough, I have all of these photos of the Williams Family but I cannot identify them. Hopefully I can break through this wall.

[1] Margarette Elizabeth Freeman, Freeman Family Cards, Privately Held in the Fletcher Family Archives

[2] Marriage Certificate of Wallace E. Freeman and Marie Elizabeth Willaims, 5 February 1890, Spokane Falls, Spokane County, Washington, Copy in Possession of Author.

[3]1892 Lincoln County, Washington Census, database online,  Lincoln County, Washington Gen Web.

[4] 1910 United States Federal Census, Lenmoore, Kings County, California, roll 79, Enumeration District 180, page 7A.

[5] 1880 US Federal Census, Bedford, Wayne County, Illinois, roll 257, ED 141, page 2.

3 comments on “Research Brick Wall: 2nd Great-Grandmother Lizzie Williams

  1. Cherie says:

    My grandfather was Earl Williams and he had a brother by the name of Wallace Williams. I do not have a spouse name for him but he lived in Washington. I would be very interested in the pics that you have. My G Grandfather was William Williams and he married Florence Arvilla Freeman. There must be a connection.

    Thanks for all of your info.


    • Jake Fletcher says:

      Hi Cherie,

      Yes there definently is a connection! What individuals did you want pictures of?


      Jake Fletcher


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