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For my dad’s birthday we drove down to the Merchant Marine Academy on Kings Point in Long Island. We first visited the onsite Merchant Marine Museum. Lots of interesting history and ship models. We had lunch at the Seafarer’s Restaurant and then went to the Library to try and find any information on my grandfather Robert Fletcher. He graduated from Kings Point in 1943 and went into Naval Service soon after.We found out that the academy was not active until 1944, so my grandfather was actually trained at sea.

The archivist only had Kings point yearbooks back until 1944, so no luck there. We found more information on the ships he served on, the USS Ajax (AR-6) and USS Delta (AR-9).

The Ajax was in the pacific campaingn,  repairing ships through the Hollandia strikes and for the Marianas Campaign. Late in August of 1944, a huge case of dystentery broke out and the ship was quarantined for some time. After that, the ship continued her work at Ulithi in support of operations in Phillipines, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.

USS Ajax (AR-6)

The Delta, a leading ship amongst it’s class, was involved with repairing ships at Oran, Algeria, Bizerte, Tunisia, and in Italy, to send crafts back home. My grandfather served as a Lieutenant on these ships.

USS Delta (AR-9), Courtesy of navsource.org

We went searching for a couple houses as well

196-14-112th Ave, St. Albans, Queens this is the house my grandfather lived in as a child. There are letters my grandfather sent back to this home when he was in a grade school and I consider to be a very treasured aritifact.

89-36 187th Place, Queens. House that my 2nd great-grandfather lived in. Looks like it may have been rebuilt or repainted.

A great day overall. I plan on researching the ship logs of these ships to find any mention of my grandfather, a record of his service would be of great importance to me. Hope you enjoy the pics!


Jake Fletcher, “A Day at Kings Point,” Travelogues of a Genealogist, posted 5 Dec 2009. https://fletcherfamilytree.wordpress.com/2009/12/05/a-day-at-kings-point/

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