After the lectures I attended, I went home to check out some of the resources I learned about, one of them being the DIS Society website. The DIS society contains user-submitted family trees, and I begin searching for individuals in my tree, I searched for my great-grand uncle Axel Leonard Isaksson and got a result from the family tree of Ann Wieck. I sent her a query and she responded that she was only related to him by  her cousin’s marriage. I searched more individuals though, and found my 2nd great-grandfather,  Johan August Petterson, was in her tree too and that she is related to me by blood, Johan is her 2nd cousin 3 times removed. She’s related to most of the people of Goteryd, Hamneda, and Pjetteryd, where my Swedish ancestors are from. We exchanged family tree info and she has my ancestors back to Jon Jonsson of Goteryd from the 17th century, with documented research. This has proven to be an exciting connection.

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