The past few days  I have been working in the manuscript department. As of now, I have received my first project for processing a collection. I am working through the papers of Captain Charles A Ranlett of Charlestown, Mass. The collection consists mainly of correspondences and letters between family members. This is a gold mine of information for a researcher interested in this family. I’ve learned alot about how to process a collection. It deals a lot with observing what kind of materials you will be working with, flattening all of the documents (folds hurt the paper over time) and then organizing all of them. I have to organize all of the letters chronogically and also label who is the recipient. It’s rather overwhelming at first, but eventually you find a rhythm, just by physically “processing” all of the documents and then organzing them into folders. This is my second day on the collection and I am making good progress, possibly about 10% complete, although I don’t expect to finish it with the time I have left working here.

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