One of the more striking anecdotes about the Fleischhauer Family came from my cousin Paul, who told me that my great grand uncle Arthur Fleischhauer (brother of my great-grandfather Frank Julius Flesichhauer) was kicked out the family and adopted by the Allen family. This was something that I was really inspired to investigate. I figured since I am dealing with an adoption case I would look at Probate Records from New York City, which I could order from the FHL. But I found quite a bit online through

I had found Arthur E Fleischhauer in the 1900 US  Federal Census and 1920 US Federal Census.

1900 us federal census

The record states that Arthur Fleischhauer was the son of Frank and Meta Fleischhauer, and was born Mar 1900 in New York City.

Source: 1900 US Federal Census, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, roll 1067, ED 517, 10A.

1920 US Census

In 1920, Arthur is still living in his parent’s house, he is 19 years old and working as a thermometer manufacturer, the family trade.

Source: 1920 US Federal Census, Queens County, New York, roll 1234, ED 322, p 21B.

I found it odd that he was still living with his parents at 19 because to be adopted he would have to be a minor. This put into question the story that he was adopted.

I didn’t look up anything for a while, but when I got some records from the NYC Municipal Archives, I found that Arthur Edward Fleischhauer was a witness to my great-grandparents marriage in 1920. I did some searching on Arthur Edward Fleischhauer and found an Arthur E Flesichhauer in Marine Corps Muster Rolls, 1798-1940. Arthur was a private in Company A of the Second Seperate Machine Gun Battalion, stationed in Quantico, Virginia. He served from the 16 August 1918 till January 1919, when he was discharged.

marine corps muster rolls

discharge notice

Source: U.S. Marine Corps Muster Rolls, 1798-1940, (Online database.

This most likely is my great-grand uncle, however I will need to find his full service records or perhaps an enlistment card to verify more of the genealogical information. I found no WWI Draft Registration Card for him. I will have to consult his original enlistment records at the National Archives.

I searched Arthur Edward Allen on and got some rather interesting results. The first of these was an entry for Arthur Edward Allen in Veteran’s Gravesites, ca. 1775-2006. Arthur Edward Allen was born 25 Mar 1900 and died 18 Aug 1980. He was interred two days later at the Arlington National Cemetery, section 66, site 4290. The record says though he served in the United States Army rather then the Marines. I then searched in the Historical Newspaper Collection on for a notice of his death.  I found his death notice in the Washington Post, dated 19 Aug 1980.

obituary arthur allen

Source: Historical Newspapers Collection, Washington Post, 19 Aug 1980 (Online database.

A rather interesting life this man has led, with a prestigious military career and being buried with full military honors is something to be proud of.

I searched in the US Federal Census for Arthur Allen and found him in 1930, living in an apartment Queens with his wife Dorothy B.

1930 us federal census, arthur allen

According to this census record, Arthur Allen was 30 years old and born in New York City. Both of his parents were born in Germany. These clues are very encouraging of the fact that this person is Arthur Fleischhauer. He married Dorothy B when he was 29 and when she was 23.

Source: 1930 US Federal Census, Queens, Queens, New York, roll 1609, ED 41-568, page 9A.

I searched in the US Federal Census back to 1900. I found no Arthur Allen with the same information, this leads me to believe for now that these two are the same people. Why did he change his name? Many German-Americans changed their name during the 30s and 40s to avoid persecution in the US.

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