So I had found out that the person I was doing research for her mayflower society application was in fact the daughter-in-law of former president Jimmy Carter, quite the client for my first research case. They will be visiting next week, so I will probably get a chance to meet him. I also met Steve Danko this week, a fellow genealogy blogger who I connected with early on. I have since been working on other research cases such as someone trying to find a record of someone from Newport, Rhode Island remarrying in Norwich, Connecticut. I did not find any evidence of her remarrying. Now I am working on a case where I am basically tracing someone’s genealogy (the Bassett family) back from Woonsocket, Rhode Island and Rehoboth, Mass to when her family first arrived in the United States. I was only authorized 3 hours to do such, so while I didn’t make it back that far, I made some progress and have to find original proof of dates and such. So far it’s been really good, and I saw some people that I met down in Washington DC which was great. Next week in Come Home to New England, a week where researchers have acssess to all the experts at NEHGS, people come from all over the country.

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