These are records I found of my 2x great-grandmother, Ingrid Cajsa Andersdotter using

Ingrid's birth record

The record states that Ingrid Cajsa Andersdotter was born 22 Jul 1837 in Hamneda, Sweden, christened 23 Jul 1837,

to parents Anders Jonsson and Catharina Jonsdotter

Source: Hamneda, Kronobegs, Births, p.393, (online database,

ingird cajsa andersdotter household record p113

This is a household record I found of Ingrid Cajsa Andersdotter, identifying the parents and her siblings. The record states they were living in Ha Storegard in Hamneda. The follwoing people were living in the household:

Head of household, Anders Jonsson born 1795 in Pjetteryd

Wife, Catharina Jonsdotter, born 16 Nov 1800 in Hamneda

Daughter Stina Andersdotter, born 21 Jul 1827 in Hamneda

Daughter Brita Andersdotter, born 1832 in Hamneda

Daughter Ingrid Cajsa Andersdotter, born 22 Jul 1837 in Hamneda

Daughter Johanna Andersdotter, born19 Feb 1841 in Hamneda, died 31 Dec 1841 in Hamneda

Source: Hamneda, Kronobergs, Household examinations, 1837-1844, 828.10.58400, p. 113 (online database,

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