A while ago, I ordered a subscription to Genline, a Swedish genealogy program that gives you to access to Swedish parish records. I used this subscription to trace back the generations of my Swedish family since the parish records are very thorough in listing all of the names of the people in the household and birth dates. In the household records, which are the equivalent of the US Census, I had to go page by page. Using that, I then went to the birth records to find the record of their birth. Here is what I found on my second great-grandfather, Isak Andersson. Unfortunately. I’m not very good at reading Swedish and some of the records were particularly illegible but I learned some basic terms to get a gist of what they stated.

isak andersson household record 1831-1836

This household record states:

The family was living at Torp Granholm under B?rshult Norregard, a torp is a tenant farm, generally made up of lower economic class people.

His father was Anders Haraldsson, born 03 Feb 1799 in Goteryd, Sweden

His mother was Elin Svensdotter/Sunesdotter born 24 Dec 1792 in Goteryd


Son Johannes Andersson, born 22 Mar 1825 in Goteryd, Sweden

Daughter Katrina Andersdotter born 22 May 1831 in Goteryd, Sweden

Son Isaak Andersson born 08 Dec 1834 in Goteryd, Sweden

Source: Goteryd, Kronobergs, Household Examinations, 1831-1836, 827.11.26400, p.29, (online database, Genline.com)

Isak Andersson

Birth Record

The record states that Isaak Andersson was born 08 Dec 1834 in Goteryd to Torpare (poor tenant farmer) Anders Haraldsson and Elin Sunesdotter and was christened 12 Dec 1834

Source: Goteryd, Kronobergs, Birth Records, 1830-1853, 827.26.83700, p. 49, (online database, Genline.com)

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