As of yesterday I completed the first day of my internship at the New England Historic Genealogical Society. It was my first time dealing with the rush hour commute (train delays and all) but got there around 9ish. I met Dave Lambert and he gave me a quick tour and introduced me to some people of whom I would be working with in archives and research services. Yesterday I worked with research services, run by D. Josh Taylor and I shadowed one of the people on his research team to get the basics of handling a research case. Bascially in research services, someone hires you to do research for them for x number of hours. When you complete the authorized research, you return to the person what you found in the form of a  research report, stating your findings, conclusions, and places to look further. They didn’t have any small quick research cases, so I was given a 6-hr, which is rather big. I was doing research on the Sawyer and Drake families of Buxton and Eliotsville, ME. I had to find primary proof of two generations for someone’s Mayflower Application. I worked on it all day and made a lot of progress. Your left to work on your own unless you have questions, but it was not bad since i am familiar with the place from past visits. Did a lot of work finding proof of vitals in the town records and looked a little into deeds and probate to find proof. There is still some gaps and it’s all about having proof of these dates so when the records don’t immediately yield themselves, it takes a lot of thinking so well have to do more work when I go back. It was a good day though and I had a lot of fun.

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