As of now, I have been working on organizing all of my family papers and manuscripts. In the beggining of my genealogy project in September, my organizational process was a lot simpler. It was just yellow manila folders organized by surname. As time went on, surnames expanded and more papers were collected. When I looked for stuff, it became difficult to find what I was looking for. During my time at volunteering at Shirley Historical Society, I saw a lot of the archival materials that could be used. So I took the initiative to buy some of those archival boxes and acid-free folders. Here are the materials:



I created a new methodical system, labeling a folder for a particular person and putting all the records together, and organizing by last name. It allows me to more easily access my records and store stuff away, while still preserving the material the best I can. I have organized all of my papers, but I still have tons of photos that I need to accession.



Later on, I plan to create a spreadsheet of all the stuff I have, acting as an index of the “Fletcher Family Archives”. Premature at this point, but could be a good idea later on. Excel is great for stuff, using special filter programs to create a database.


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