Along with writing to Paul and some of my other Fleischhauer cousins, I have made some major breakthroughs on my own for the Fleischhauers. From the NARA Regional Archives in New York City, I had obtained several naturalization records of my ancestors of my great-great grandfather, Frank E Fleischhauer, while doing online research from home.  The 1900 Census Record for the family reveals three generations living under one roof.

1900 us federal census

The record states the following names and information in the household at 157 Cornelius Street in Brooklyn:

Frank Fleischhauer, head of house, white, male, born may 1873, 27 years old, married for seven years, born in Germany, both parents born in Germany, arrived in 1890, naturalized, thermometer manufacturer (my second great-grandfather)

Meta Fleischhauer, white, female, born June 1871, married for seven years, has had four children, born in Germany, arrived in 1891

William Fleischhauer, white, male, born Oct 1893, born in New York

Frank Fleischhauer, male, white, born april 1895, born in New york (my great-grandfather)

Mildred Fleischhauer, white, female, born Sep 1897 in New york

In the same household, another family of Fleischhauers is listed. Studying this record that these are Frank’s parents (so my 3rd great-grandparents) and his siblings

Friedrich Fleischhauer, white, male, born November 1850 in Germany, marreid for 27 years, arrived in 1890, alien, glass engraver

Hermine Fleischhauer, wife, white, female, Dec 1850 in Germany, both parents born in Germany, arrived in the US in 1890

Ida Fleischhauer, daughter, white, female, born Nov 1878 in Germany, arrived in 1890, at school

Annie Fleischhauer, white, female, born June 1887 in Germany, at school

Dorothy Fleischhauer, white, female, born March 1895 in New York, at school

1900 US Federal Census, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, roll 1067, Ed 517, 10A.

When I told my dad that the census record listed their occupation thermometer makers, it immediately struck a chord with them. He knew that’s what they did.

Because the naturalization record and census indicated that my second great-grandfather Frank and his parents arrived in 1890, I begin to search passenger lists. My second great-grandfather Frank may have provided an accurate, for I found the passenger list of a Fleischhauer family arriving in New York on 10 Jun 1890.

1890 passenger list

The family is on line 55, the record states the following information:

Friedr Fleischhauer, 38 years old, born in Germany

Hermine Fleischhauer, 39 years old, born in Germany

Franz Fleischhauer, 17 years old, born in Germany

Ida Fleischhauer, 6 years old, born in Germany

I am glad that I was able to extend the Fleischhauer line. I went from only knowing the lineage back to my great-grandfather to identifying the next two generations in a very short amount of time.

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957, roll 549, list no. 816, line 55, (online database,

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