About a week ago, my second cousin Paul wrote back to me. He seemed very eager to help me with my quest for information. The crucial piece of information he gave was that his grandfather (my great-grandfather) Frank Julius Fleischhauer did in fact last reside in California. He wanted to be with his family. Paul had a lot to say about the positive experiences he had with his grandfather. He gave me what he knew on the Fleischhauer genealogy to the best of his ability. He said that was all he had for now. The most interesting pieces of information he gave were is that my great grand uncle Arthur Fleischhauer, was kicked out and adopted by the Allen Family. Apparently another one of my great grand uncles, Frederick, was hit by a train as a young boy. I am looking to follow up on these things.

In terms of contacts, Paul’s father, Bill, is still alive (and alert). He is the only one I’m aware from that generation and could be a crucial source. I have also written my Fleischhauer cousins on Long Island, still waiting for a response, but looking forward to new persepctives on the family.

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