Last weekend my mom and I drove up to Rowley to meet my second cousin  who had lots of pictures of the Andersons. The pictures were great and will be useful in my presentation and I will make an album on my blog later. She told me a lot of interesting stories. The first of these is that we are related to the Bernadottes, the royal family of Sweden. Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, became Karl XIV Johan, king of Sweden and Norway, in the early 19th century.

Here is a link to the Bernadotte dynasty

Another story I learned about was that my great-grandfather Henry Anderson, was coming home from visiting family Sweden and bought a ticket for the Titanic leaving from Southampton, England. He and his friend got distracted by business affairs and cancelled their tickets a few days before the maiden voyage. I have been really intent on getting to the bottom of this. I first started researching  if there was any register of cancelled tickets or people who missed the boat. There wasn’t much, it’s no suprise that they only kept records of who was on the boat. So if he didn’t get on the Titanic, then I thought I would try to figure out when he came back in 1912. Researching the immigration records on, I found Henry arriving in the United States on March 2 1912.


Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957, roll 1813, page 167, 2 Mar 1912, (online database,

The maiden voyage of the Titanic was 25 April 1912 from Southampton, England. So he left two months early. Did people really cancel their tickets two months early? I am wondering how soon did people buy tickets for the titanic. My thinking is the next boat home after the Campania was the Titanic, so the story in the family is highly exaggerated from what actually happened. There were other Henry Anderson’s who arrived at Liverpool in the fall of 1912, but it seems unlikely he went back so soon.