I stumbled across sfgenealogy.com when I was looking the Great San Francisco Register of 1866. When I found it again to research San Francisco 1850 directories around the time when the Oliver  family first arrived there, I decided to browse and search for Olivers and O’Neills in the other online databases, including the San Mateo county genealogy website. The website has great online indexes, and I located the O’Neill and Oliver family very quickly in San Mateo County. For a long time, my O’Neill family has been relatively unknown other than passed down family traditions and one manuscript record left by Jane Barre O’Neill. The index listed a land record for Owen O’Neill. I also found the death index listing for Matthew J O’Neill, who died in 1913 in Belmont of Kidney Failure.

I then searched the newspapers and found in the San Mateo County Times Gazette, a death notice/obituary of Owen O’Neill, dated in April 1871. I really wanted to read that, so I contacted the society to see if they could find it and send me a copy, no word yet. However, the San Mateo county website has an online index to Schullner’s records, a local historian who compiled 200 volumes of records. Searching the index, the O’Neills appear numerous times. I am definently going to go to California in the future to follow up on all of this.

San Mateo County Genealogy

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