At the NEHGS, after I researched in the town records, I was suggested to look in land records. In the Grantor index, Elisha Freeman appeared twice as a grantor. One entry was at NEHGS as they hold the grafton county land records, but one of them had no volume or page number but was listed under the april term in 1774 and was listed under the county clerk. The genealogists at NEHGS, and after a little detective work in their resources, determined i would need to call the grafton county courthouse. The other I got though, proving to be a very satisfying find:


This record dated 25 April 1777, is a rather crucial discovery. When Elisha Freeman’s father, Sylvanus, died intestate in Mansfield, Connecticut, by law, his children (Elisha, Temperance, Elizabeth, Mary, and Kezia) received a parcel of his land. They decided to give that land to there younger brother Sylvanus Freeman, so he could more properly take care of their widowed mother, Mary (Dunham) Freeman. The record states where all of the children are living andwho they are married to, with as I said before proves to be a crucial discovery:

Elisha Freeman was living in Norwich, Gloucester, New York (now in Windsor Co. Vermont), i know he married Lucy Bartlett, but it’s shes not mention perhaps only the females were mentioned with their husband

Nathan and Elizabeth Fletcher were living in Woodstock, Cumberland, New York (now in Windsor Co. Vermont)

Nathaniel and Sarah Hews (Hughes) of Hanover, Grafton, New Hampshire

Moody & Kezia Freeman of Hanover

John and Temperance Bennett of Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut

Eleazar and Mary Slafter of Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut

Source: Grafton County, New Hampshire, deeds, 32:228.

Rhonda McClure, one of the expert staff at NEHGS, showed me that Hanover and Grafton County were a part of Rockingham County New Hampshire before 1776. So in the index of Rockingham Co Deeds, Elisha appears twice there two. I got prints of those records, however there were deeds of his ancestors giving land to Dartmouth College, pretty interesting in my opinion, but i didnt get to those.


This deed dated 7 April 1772, is Elisha giving land to John Salter of Mansfield, Connecticut land previously owned by his father, Silvanus in Hanover.

I then found a record of Silvanus Freeman deeding land to Elisha in Hanover.


This record dated 10 May 1769, is Silvanus giving a quitclaim deed to Elisha Freeman, specifically the 54th lot in Hanover. Silvanus received the 45th lot as one of the original grantees of hanover, so it could have been more land he received in another real estate transaction. Elisha actually went up to Hanover, while Silvanus stayed in Connecticut, as he was only in it for profit. Overall though, really great unexpected finds. It’s all clues in the search to figure out what happened to Elisha Freeman as I am using him for my SAR Application, but the proof isnt there yet.

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