As I was filling out some requests for records, I thought about my Fleischhauer family. On, I have been searching for my great-grandfather, Frank Julius Flesichhauer. searches for the Fleischhauers had not promoted any leads and I thought about requesting his death record NYC Department of Health, family sources indicate he died in 1989.

I started talking to my dad more about my Fleischhauers, clarifying the visit he had with his grandfather (Frank Julius) at a “German-American” retirement home in Queens, New York and also visiting his aunt and uncle on Long island in the late 1980s. I asked him if he knew any fleischhauers alive. He said he knew of a cousin named _ Fleischauer who had purposely dropped an h from the name. He lived in California. It’s interesting that he lived in California because found a record of Frank Julius Fleischhauer who died in Santa Barbara in 1991.

I had been reading up on internet genealogy and decided to use people finder to get in touch with a known cousin. I found a cousin from Santa Barbara who had relatives connected to his name,

I am sending it out tomorrow and hopefully it yields a response. I never done anything like this before sending a letter to a living relative asking about the family, but I am pretty excited. Even more so, my ability to be impressed by the internet never ceases to amaze me. I would recommend a book called Anyhow, Anywhere, and Anywhen which talks about the internet and finding people from any period of time in the last 500 years. It’s a short read with tons of links on finding people in any country.

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