One of the goals on my trip was to find the military service records of both my grandfathers. I knew little about their service at the time and the National Archives in Washington directed researchers to the MPRC in Washington DC. However, I tried searching footnote, just out of curiosity, since I had used it once before for naturalizations). I learned had a collection of Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls and I knew my grandfather was at Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941. I searched for his name and found his name from a later date, here’s the page:


At the end of every month, the ship logged a list of changes (transfers, promotions, etc.) my grandfather was serving as a lieutenant on the USS Patterson, a destroyer, and in March 1943, was transferred to Comserfor (Commander Service Forces) in the 7th Fleet. He is noted as being Naval Reserve.

The fact that his name  appears is pretty remarkable to me. I really enjoy researching the military history of my ancestors and hopefully I can get his service records one day.

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