Through my research in Washington of Franklin County, New York and on the Franklin County US Gen Website, I have been able to find the death dates and learn more of the children of David Freeman, my 4th great-grandfather. While his son, Azro Daniel, my 3rd great-grandfather migrated west to Wisconsin, some of his children stayed with him in Westville. Here are the cemetery abstracts I was able to locate:

Briggs Street Cemetery-Westville

David M. FREEMAN   Died Sept. 27, 1865   AE 46 Y’rs. & 5 mos.
Thou art gone yet we love thee.   (NOTE: McLellan wrote: “stone had disappeared in 1954.”)

FREEMAN   (Row 5-E)
Cordelia   Wife of David M. FREEMAN   Dec. 19, 1825 – May 7, 1903

FREEMAN   (Row 6-C)
Joseph M.   Son of David & Cordelia FREEMAN   Died July 16, 1850   Aged 8 months and 20 days

FREEMAN   (Row 6-C)
Alvah W.   Son of D. M. & Cordelia FREEMAN   Died Nov. 23, 1857   AE 6 yrs. & 2 ms
Now Mother cease thy weeping
And calm thy anguished breast,
Thy cherub boy is sleeping,
Thy darling is now at rest.

David M Freeman is the first son of David and Vina (Waterman) Freeman

Coal Hill Cemetery-Westville

Joel FREEMAN   Died Nov. 15, 1920   Age 82 Y’rs.
Mary BRIGGS   His Wife   Died May 1, 1916   Age 59 Y’rs.

Riverside Cemetery-Westville

Fig 1. David FREEMAN   Died June 11, 1881    AE 88 y’s.   (NOTE: There is a Rev. Soldier flag & marker next to this gravestone.) Photo Courtesy of Franklin County Tombstone Transcriptions.

Fig 2. In memory of [Elisha] FREEMAN    Died July 8, 1838   AE 92 Ys.

(NOTE: This stone is broken and lying flat on the fround.)    Photo Courtesy of Franklin County Tombstone Transcriptions.

Fig 3. Lovina   Wife of David FREEMAN    Died Feb. 10, 1874   AE 77 yrs.

Photo Courtesy of Franklin County Tombstone Transcriptions.
On the west side:
John W. FREEMAN   Died Mar. 15, 1902   AE 81 Yrs.
Elvira DEWEY   His Wife   Died June 8, 1884   (AE 55 Yrs.)
Gone but not forgotten.
On the east side:
Carrie FREEMAN   Wife of Robert McCREEDY   1859 – 1939
Footstones: Carrie, Father, Mother

Source: Franklin County, New York Tombstone Transcriptions, (online database, Northern New York Tombstone Transcription Project).

David and Lovina are my fourth great-grandparents and Elisha Freeman was the name of David’s father. I do not know whether it is him or not. It’s interesting that the source lists that David’s grave had a rev.war flag next to his name, when it should be listed next to his father Elisha Freeman. If this is the Elisha Freeman I am related to, that would be fantastic, because I had no idea what happened to him after 1790 in Vermont.

The fact John Freeman was married to a Dewey is great news because for a long time I had been trying to locate the origins of my 3x-great-grandmother, Mary Ann Dewey, who was Azro’s wife. There probably sisters and this gives me more to work with. Earlier on, I found the freeman family in the 1850 Census in Westville, a female named Elvira lived there but had no idea who it was, but now I know. They were married in 1850 according to the census record (married within the year) and she was born in Canada just like Mary Ann.

These transcriptions are identical to the ones of Virginia Anne Wolfe, but hers had another individual in the Riverside Cemetery, that of William Harrison Freeman, third child of David and Lavina.

William H Freeman d. 25 Dec 1918 age 95 years

Lucretia M Clark wife d. 02 Feb 1886 age 48 years

Frances A ( ) wife d. 22 Mar 1857 age 31 years

Source: Virginia Anne (Croissant) Wolfe, Cemeteries of Franklin County,  (1989), 1:149.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Jake Fletcher