I have been getting a lot of great leads on my Oliver Family. I have been doing more research on Irish Family History Foundation. I searched griffith’s valuations for Denis James Oliver’s father, bartholomew oliver and found him living at Fish Quay townland in Galway City in St. Nicholas District. I’ll need to consult the originals when I have the chance.

I was looking for John Oliver in birth records. I searched for Olivers born to Bartholomew Oliver and I had one result for an individual named John Oliver

The record states:

John Oliver of Galway in the St. Nicholas Combined N&E District was Baptized 2 Apr 1826. His parents were Bartholomew Oliver and Catherine Mannion. Witnesses were Bernard Lyness and Celia O’Dogherty.

I did another google search on Dennis J Oliver and has some really great results. I found Dennis J Oliver’s, the content wasnt there, but the fact it appeared in the catalog. It is located at the California Historical Society, but here’s what it said it included:

Diaries of Oliver (9 v., 1854-1886); his wife, Bridget (2 v., 1848 and 1865); and their children: Joseph (4 v., 1884-1898); Anna Maria (1 v., 1870); and Minnie (3 v., 1874-1880). The diaries describe Dennis Oliver’s business, Dennis’ trips to other towns in Calif., Bridget Oliver’s voyage to Calif. via Panama, family members’ trips to Europe and other parts of the world, and daily and family life in San Francisco. Includes one address book (1883), one book of passports, one account book (1869), and two notebooks belonging to Dennis Oliver. One of Minnie Oliver’s volumes is partially a scrapbook.

Source: Worldcat.org, http://www.worldcat.org/title/dennis-j-oliver-diaries-ms-1848-1898/oclc/122332360

Im going to send out an e-mail to their archvisit to learn more about these diaries. Another google result came from a piece on the early history of Menlo Park.

It was in 1854 that Menlo Park received its official name when two Irishmen, Dennis J. Oliver and D. C. McGlynn, whose wives were sisters, purchased 1,700 acres (some sources say it was 640 acres) bordering County Road, now El Camino Real, and built two houses with a common entrance. Across the drive they erected a huge wooden gate with tall arches on which the name of their estate was printed in foot-high letters: “MENLO PARK”, with the date, August 1854, under it.

Source:  Menlo Park Historic Association, “Early Days In Menlo Park,” 1985, published online, http://www.menlopark.org/homepage/history.html, viewed 1 Apr 2009.

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