I was able to cough out five euro for that baptismal record I found last night on the Irish Family History Foundation website. While I didn’t get a digitized image of the original, It entailed some great information, and I am pretty sure now this is my relative!

The record transcription states that:

Denis James Oliver of Galway was baptized 25 July 1823 at the St. Nicholas Church in County Galway and is of Roman Catholic Denomination and states Denis’s gender as unknown. Denis’s father and mother are Bartholomew Oliver and Catherine Mannin. The sponsors/informants were John Hely and Catherine Barlow. No additional notes.

I have never really been able to successfully trace the family origins in Ireland, but this is a big breakthrough.

I still haven’t processed all the research I did in Washington (and I can’t help but do more!), especially with the senior project exhibitions are coming up soon, but I will do my best.

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