Using the DANFS (Dictionary of Naval American Fighting Ships) I found some good info on the ships my grandfathers served on.

My mom’s father, Dexter James Anderson, served on the destroyer USS PATTERSON at Pearl Harbor. He was there December 7th. He may have served on more destroyers, but i am not sure.

My dad’s father, Robert Fletcher, served on two repair ships in WWII, one of them being the USS AJAX

I really hope to get there records from the MPRC in St. Louis, it’s unfortunate that i have so little information which may affect their ability to find them.

If anyone is interested in finding their relatives service records (or their own), the MPRC (Military Personnel Records Center) has service records from After 1912 to the present day. The National Archives holds all the service records from before that time, back to the Rev. War.

For  obtaining records from St. Louis, use this form,

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