Tomorrow I go home, but to reflect back, I’ve had a great trip. But first, I will report on my last day of research in DC. I decided to go to the Daughters of The American Revolution Library, because it was the only place where I had sources to look for and because of their wealth of sources around the country. I continued on my research in Franklin County, New York where my Freemans moved to in the 19th century. I was able to fill in a lot of dates and holes in those generations. Henry Hoff, one of the consultants, referred me to a New York State Census which was done in between the Federal Census. Unfortunately, the DAR only had the census from 1875. My ancestors were Westville as expected, confirming the info I already had.

 I continued to research the Bollinger Family, learning of the Swiss Origins and how my 7x great-grandfather, Heinrich Bollinger, came over from Rotterdam in Holland and arrived at Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1738. I also researched the Barre Family, my 3 x-great grandfathers David Barre who married Catherine Bollinger. Through the Bollinger genealogy, I discovered David Barre’s Brother Lyman Spaulding Barre. He was in the 1870 Census as being in Ripley, Huron County, Ohio and saying he was born from there. Through Huron County histories, published in the late 19th century and which are highly biographical, I found the biography of their other brother, Dwight M. Bare, a farmer in Ripley, Ohio. I learned of the Barre Family origins. Their grandparents were from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania and moved to Tompkins County, New York. There David, Lyman, and Dwight’s father, John Barre married Amy Stout in 1825. The Barre’s moved to Ripley to farm in the 1830s. This is a great start and I should be able to fill in some holes when I get back. I never even conceived that I had ancestors from that area.

Overall, not only have I made progress on my family tree and touch pieces of history, but I was able to improve my research skills and expand my knowledge in numerous ways. I can’t wait to go back to NEHGS and continue to do research. Everyone was great and I had a great week.

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