Top of the Dome in Main Reading Room of the Jefferson Building

Today at the Library of Congress was another long
orientation. The focus of my research was in the Local History/Genealogy Room
and the Microfilm Room. The Library of Congress has directories to many U.S.
Cities dating back quite sometime. I was researching the Hartford, Connecticut City
Directories for 1946 and 1947, looking for the house my father came home to
when he was born. In 1946, my grandparents were there, however my
great-grandfather James Wallace Freeman was there on page 943. He was the owner
of Stately Floors on 1130 Main Street and was living with his wife, Ethel M, at
37 Lexington Street in West Hartford. I had no idea he lived in Hartford. He
was there again in 1947, Stately Floors was still at 1130 Main but he had moved
to 272 S Main Street in West Hartford.


An advertisement for
James Freeman’s business, Stately Floors, in the 1947 Hartford Directory.

My grandparents appeared in the 1947 Hartford Directory.
Robert F Fletcher was a salesman at 1112 Main Street in Hartford and was living
with Margarette F at 75 S Highland Street in West Hartford.

I tried some New York City Directories for Fleischhauers,
but had less luck. After lunch in the Madison Cafeteria, I went to Local
History/Genealogy and begin looking up various things. I needed proof of my
patriot ancestor (Elisha Freeman)’s wife, Lucy Bartlett who was supposed to be
born 18 Nov 1750 in Windsor, Connecticut. The LOC had Barbour Collection of
Vital Records, which are a huge source of Connecticut vital Records. She was
there under the name Lucey with the info I had previously seen. I looked for Freemans in the book 1791 Families in Vermont by Scott A
Bartley. The Freemans weren’t listed in there. I decided to tackle elsewhere
and searched for my 3x great-grandfather’s John Bartholomew naturalization record.

john b oliver naturalization index.jpg

I will have to write elsewhere to get the full file, as it
would not be in Washington D.C. I had a consultancy with Joshua Taylor about my
Freeman ancestors whose death dates are unknown. I learned about the other
types of records to look that, the credibility of the sources I looked at,
reasons for things that happened in their lifetime, etc.

I showed him my 2x-great grandmother’s obituary,
Jane Barre, who is the mother of Mervyn O’Neill. He gave me things to start
researching on so I can trace the origins of her back to Missouri like her
obituary says. I then went to the Main Reading Room in the Jefferson Building,
where I requested a book called Monarchs In Waiting by Walter P. Curley Jr. which is about the O’Neill Royal Family. I don’t know if it’s genealogically relevant, however it was interesting
history and I was amazed by the architecture of the room. At 5, we left the
Library of Congress. I gave myself leisure time to walk around The Washington
Mall at sunset, the memorials were all great, even if it was a little chilly.
Our hotel is only 6 blocks away from the Lincoln Memorial. DC is a great city.
Tomorrow, we have the option to go where we want to. I am going to the National
Archives because I am waiting for certain records that were pulled today and
plus I got a lot of stuff to look at there.
I am very excited.

Copyright © 2009 by Jake Fletcher