Over the break, I have been making a lot of progress on my project. I haven’t had enough time to post my specific findings, but I will let you know of what I have been doing.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I went to the Mass Archives and NARA Waltham. There were lots of hits and misses, but overall good progress. At Mass Archives, I photocopied references to my Freeman ancestors in the records of Plymouth colony. They mostly referred to the settlement of Sandwich, Massachusetts by Edmund Freeman as well as his appearances in the colony court for his Quaker sympathies. I made good progress at NARA by obtaining my great-grandfather’s naturalization record and what I believe were the service records of my Revolutionary War  ancestors. I will report those findings later.

I am going on my DC Research Trip in Two weeks. I received a large packet from the NEHGS outlining the details of my trip. I need to read all the packets on the research repositories I will be visiting so I can prepare better and get more done. NEHGS received my research interest. Most of the information I am looking for  is on my ancestors out west. I hope to obtain military service records as wll.

On Saturday, I attended the annual MASSAR meeting (Massachusetts Chapter of the Sons of the Revolution)  at the Harvard Club in Boston seeing as I am a “compatriot applicant” The meeting was pleasant and included an interesting speaker. I met the people I have been in contact with for my application. I’m trying to obtain vital records (the most direct source of proof) for as many generations as I can before I have to substitute with other sources. It will be done eventually.

However, in my search for the identity of a  Grand Army of the Republic Medal i have inherited, I came across the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, which I found interesting. I am now planning on joining with my 3x-great-grandfathe, General Patrick Edward Connor. It is a lot less paper work, for i only need proof of service, which will be no problem seeing as I am going to Washington.

My father and I spent the day in Hartford, Connecticut to tour genealogical points of interest. I saw the house he spent as an early child in Simsbury as well as his grandparents houses. In the 1980s, he came back to Hartford to complete residency at Hartford Hospital and the Institute of Living. We also took a tour of Mark Twain’s house which was interesting. I will post pictures later. My father was not born in Simsbury, however, he was born in Hartford. He doesn’t know the house he was born at, so I will try and find it.

I plan to visit Connecticut again, using their State Library. I have been sending out many inquiries lately, when i received an exciting message from the Mansfield Historical Society. They told me they have a lot of information on the Freemans in Mansfield, and are willing to show me the houses and other points of interest. I eagerly await to visit there after my research trip.

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