After working on the Anderson Family Genealogy Report, I begin to dig for immigration records of my great-grandfather Henning Walfird (Henry) Anderson and his sister Asserina (Rena) Anderson. After obtaining some background and techniques on how to find ancestors who emigrated from Europe to the United States, most sources talked about passenger manifests as an essential record collection.


I tried searching passenger manifests from both the United States and Sweden. I found success through an database, Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951.

Asserina Isaksdotter, born about 1871, Female, Place of Origin: Goteryd, Kronobergs lan, Destination: Boston, Departed: 16 May 1889, Port of Departure: Malmo[1]


Census Records of Asserina living in Marblehead, Massachusetts with James Watts indicated her immigration year as 1889, but the new source allowed me to specify my search after 16 May 1889. My great-grandfather Henning appears in the same database[2]

Henning W Isakson, born about 1883, Male, Place of Origin: Amerika, Destination: Boston,  Left 11 Mar 1904, Occupation Herr, Port of Departure Malmo2

What stood out from this source is Henning’s origin as America when his birth is well documented in Swedish Parish Records. This prompted me to consider an age-old notion of immigrants. Many immigrants would make multiple trips to and from the United States and their country of origin. The next source I found of Henning confirms this. I traced Henning from Malmo, Sweden to Boston, Massachusetts and found a record of his arrival. He arrived on the S.S. Saxonia, the same ship his wife would take, on 25 March 1904. The passenger manifest provided the answer as to why his passenger manifest from Sweden said his origin was America. Turns out that Henning had been in America for three years, coming here first as a teenager.


Henning W Isakson, 21 years old, working as a painter, male, single, last permanent residence was United States, lived last in the Goteryd, Sweden, lived in Boston from 1900-1903 and is now returning to the United States live with JR Watts in Marblehead, Massachusetts[3]



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