I searched italiangen.org for New York City Vital Records.  I was looking for more genealogical information on the family of my second great-grandfather Jacob/John Olswang. Under the database of  New York City Death Records 1891-1948, I found death certificates for his second son and his wife.

Olswang, Arthur

Age of Death: 43 years old

Date of Death: 10 April 1942

Certificate No. 2870

Queens County


Olswang, Margaret

Age of Death: 64 years old

Date of Death: 23 Oct 1939

Certificate No. 7217

Queens County

I sent in request forms for the original records, and am curious as to what other genealogical clues the record will reveal. There age and date of death conflict with the years of birth that I have, but only by about a year.

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