Here is the WWII Draft Card of my 2x-great uncle, Walter Olswang, who is the brother of my great-grandmother, Ethel Olswang. He registered in the Old Man’s Draft of 1942.



The record states that:

Walter W. Olswang was living 170-17 Cedarcroft Road in Queens, New York

His draft card serial number was 3114

His mailing address was the same as his residence.

He was 45 years old and was born 25 December 1896 in Waterloo, England

His telephone number was 9-5638

The person that will always know his address is Mrs. Etna Olswang was 6 Orleans Road, Valley Stream, New York.

He owns his “Own Business” which is located at 9210 166th St Jamaica, New York

He is listed as 5’5″ and weighing 155 pounds. He is described as being white, blue eyes, brown hair, and having a light complexion.

He registered for the draft on 25 April 1942 at Local Board No. 265 in Jamaica, Queens, New York

Walter’s birthplace gives me a good clue as to where the Olswang’s were living in England before they came to New York. The Waterloo he described resides in Borough of Sefton, Merseyside County, New England. Also significant is how close Waterloo is to the border of Wales. The Family letter written to my grandmother suggested that Margrette McGreevy Olswang had origins in Wales. I don’t know why his wife was living somewhere else, perhaps they were seperated/filing for divorce or for some other reason they needed to live apart.

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