This letter was one of the most interesting artifacts of family history on my mom’s side. I have no clue when this was written, but it was written by my 2x great-grandmother, Jane Barre, who married  Matthew J. O’Neill. It appears to be a photocopy using old looking paper.


Owen O’Neill was born at Queenstown, Ireland. He became a sea captain of a British Man of War. While sailing on the Coast of South America at Rio Janero a son was born to him named after his father, Owen O’Neill. Young O’Neill became a sea captain also sailing from Queenstown, Ireland to San Francisco. He married Ellen Russell of New York, they had a daughter name Ellen O’Neill from in New York in 1852.
Captain O’Neill moved his family to San Francisco in 1853 at the water front at Samson and Sacramento. Their house was built on stills over the water as no sheets were there at that time.
Captain O’Neill became crippled with arthritis gave up the seas and ran a freight boat down the San Francisco bay to Belmont, San Mateo to carrying freight and packages he moved his family at Belmont in 1857. Five children were born to them Ellen O’Neill Matthew J O’Neill Catherine O’Neill Eugene O’Neill William J O’Neill

Matthew J O’Neill at 25 years married Jane Barre at Menlo Park, San Mateo County, on Oct 20 1882. Both of Belmont they had four children Ethel C O’Neill born June 25 1885 , Meaten J O’Neill born in Belmont Aug 1 1884, Mervyn J O Neill born May 1 1892 in San Francisco at 1128 Vallejo Street, Raymond L. O’Neill born at 1128 Vallejo Street July 21 1898

This is written by

Jane Barre Weld

Formerly Jane Barre O’Neill

Mervyn J was my great-grandfather who married Adeladie Oliver. This is a pretty fascinating and priceless source.