After getting in touch with the town clerk of Norwich, Vermont, she sent me this vital record for free of charge. It lists the children of David Freeman, my 4x-great grandfather, that were born in Norwich, because some of them were born in New York. Among those born in Norwich was my 3x-great grandfather, Azro Daniel Freeman.


David Mills son of David Freeman & Wife

Born September 17th, 1819

John Waterman their son born May 24th, 1821

William Harrison their son born August 26th 1823

Daniel Azro their son born May 22nd 1826

Stephen Derias their son March 3rd 1830

What I found interesting was that my 3x great-grandfather, who I though was named Azro Daniel Freeman, is listed as Daniel Azro Freeman. His birthdate and place dont conflict with my information, but the name does.

Source: Birth Record of Children of David Freeman, page 35, Town Clerk’s Office, Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Jake Fletcher