Here is the census record I found while searching for my Fleischhauer family at NARA Waltham.   The information given on Frank and Caroline Fleischhauer matches with my information. However, there are some noteworthy discrepancies in the information. Robert Fleischhauer, which is the birth name of my grandfather, was listed as 2 years old in 1930 when his birthday is 1922. If this is him, there is also a sibling I was unaware of named Friedrich who was listed as 8 years old at the time. The two siblings of Robert who were in my family tree were not listed in the census (at their birth dates, they were only young children, so they should be). They are living on 112th Avenue St. Albans, Queens, New York.



Frank Fleschhauer, head of household, owned house, value of home 7000 dollars, male, white, 35 years old, married when he was 25, born in New York, both parents born in Germany, works as a manager of telescopes?

Caroline Fleschhauer, wife, female, white, 29 years old, married when she was 19, born in New York, both parents born in Germany, not working.

Friedrich Fleischhauer, son, male, white, 8 years old, attending school, born in New York

Robert Fleischhauer, son, male, white, 2 years old, attending school, born in New York

William Riefe, cousin, male, white, 22 years old, born in Germany, both parents born in Germany, immigrated to the US in 1929, filing papers for naturalization, working as a butcher.

Source: 1930 United States Federal Census, St. Albans, Queens County, New York, National Archives microfilm T626, Roll 1600, Page 2257, Enumeration District 41-1244, Family no. 15, household of Frank Fleischhauer.

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