I have completed entering and citing all the information from the Oliver Family Record, into my family tree.  Going through the book, I have found some notable and interesting biographies of my ancestors.

The Oliver family legacy rose from humble beginnings in Galway, Ireland. Having perhaps heard grand tales of free gold and cheap land in California, the Oliver brothers John and Dennis set out to make a fortune. They certainly did and the Oliver’s would obtain great status in the 19th and 20th centuries. Historically, they are one more example of the Irish family’s rise to prominence in the US, a much more famous would be the Kennedy’s of Massachusetts.

My 2x Great Grandfather, Bartholomew Patrick Oliver, son of John Oliver.

Bartholomew (Bartley) Patrick Oliver: Was born at 122 Sacramento Street, San Fransisco. He graduated from old St. Mary’s College in the Mission District, San Fransisco Class 1873 as a B.A. A year later took his Master’s Degree. At the time of his death was the oldest living graduate of St. Mary’s college. In 1906 and 1907 was foreman of the Oliver Grand Jury which prosecuted Adolph Reuf, the crooked Boss of San Francisco, and cleaned up the graft in the City. He was a Philanthropic, having given Mount Helen in Los Altos, California, for a summer home for the Roman Catholic Orphanage, built St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for unwed mothers, built St. Patrick’s Shelter for homeless men, also, during the depression of the 1930s, built a kitchen to feed the unemployed and homeless men of San Francisco. He was a recipient of the Moraga Crest of St. Mary’s College, Member of St. Vincent de Paul Society ,Third order of St. Dominic, Member of the Board of St. Patrick’s Seminary and Honorary member of Sierra Club. He was also a great benefactor to St. Mary’s College at Moraga, where the Dining Hall is named after him (Oliver Hall).

My first cousin twice removed, John Connor Oliver Jr (John Connor Oliver, Bartholomew Patrick)

John Connor Oliver Jr. is a 3x Great Grandson (on his mother’s side) of Don Luis Maria Peralta who came to California from Tubca, Mexico with the Anza Expedition (1776) to found the City of San Francisco.

Upon retirement from the Spanish Army (1820) he was given a Land Grant of All of Alameda County and part of Contra Costa County by the King of Spain. The area of the Grant along the East Bay was lost by right Eminent Domain as the city of Oakland and other East Bay Cities expanded. Most of the rest of the Grant was sold off (at low prices) by the four sons and two daughters about the time of California enter the Union. The fear being that the United States Government might confiscate the land, so it was sold.

John Connor Oliver Jr.’s Lineage is as follows: Don Luis Maria Peralta,  Luis Peralta, Ignaci Miguel Peralta, Josefa Peralta Wilson, and Willermina Wilson who married John Connor Oliver, son of Bartholomew Patrick Oliver.

Ward Wilson Woods, the spouse of my first cousin twice removed of Patricia Fay (Katherine Oliver, Bartholomew Patrick)

Ward Wilson Woods: Was born in San Diego, October 4 1910 to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilson, his mother died three weeks after his birth and he was adopted by Margaret Louis Woods, a maiden School teacher. He attended High School in Berkeley California, Stanford University, A.B. 1932, Stanford School of Medicine 1936. Internship and Residence University of Michigan Hospital, Standford University Fellowship to National Hospital for Neurological Studies, Queen’s Square Hospital, London W.C. England. Instructor University of Michigan, Member American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry in Neurology. Member of American Board of Neuro-Surgery. Fellow American College of Surgeons.

My Grandfather, Dexter James Anderson

Was educated in the local public schools. He attended Bates College in Maine for one year followed by two years at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He was a member of the Pi Epsilon Fraternity. He was commissioned an Ensign in the U.S. Navy in 1941 and left the U.S. Navy in 1945 as a Lieutenant Commander, having served mostly on destroyers. Worked for Matson Navigation Company in Los Angeles for two years. At the present time he is a Manufacturer’s Representative for New England area. He is a member of the Union Boat Club of Boston, Eastern Yacht Club of Marblehead, The Wardroom Club, and the Massachusetts Bay Yacht Racing Union.

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