Thanks to the willingness of other people, I have gathered more information about Jacob Olswang. A lot of the information is great, however, I will have to continue research, seeing as there are still some inconsistencies in the information I have gathered.

First off, when I originally posted in my blog about Jacob Olswang, a friend left me a comment where he was kind enough to find a pedigree resource file on, which listed Jacob Olswang’s birthdate and place as July 1872 in Kuhlenburg, Westphalia, Germany1. Kuhlenburg  is not a locale anymore, but he found it was a quarry near Silbach, about 7 km NW of Winterberg2 .  Westphalia borders Belgium and the Netherlands, and is the most western state in Germany. The pedigree resource file was quite thorough, containing info on his children and their extended families. What is great is that the sources listed for Jacob Olswang were the same exact census records I had found.

On December 18th, I received an email from Ms. Petersky, about Olswangs in America. She told me about the various birthplaces that were recorded on Census/ US records: Latvian, Russian, Polish (probably simply ignorance), Hebrew (because they were Jewish), German (spoke German as their primary language at home), Swedish (the census taker probably dealt with so many Oleson and Olafsons, he came upon Olswang and just marked them down as Swedes without asking)

Today on the genmates forum, A lady under the alias Snowlady, sent me a naturalization record of Jacob Olswang. He was naturalized on June 27, 1904 in the Southern District of New York, District and Circuit Court. His birthdate is listed July 4 1872 and his former nationality is Russian3.


It seems that Jacob Olswang may have used different names in his lifetime, my great-grandmother’s death certificate in Florida lists her father’s name as John Olswang4. Hopefully, I will be able to clear up the discrepancies through more research.



1, FamilySearch Pedigree Resource File, Compact Disc No.138, Submission No. 1833596-1030107184421, Submitted by Catherine Theresa Lingenfelser.


3 U.S. Naturalization Records Indexes, 1794-1995 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Petition for naturalization of Jacob Olswang, 27 June 1904, Southern District of New York, District and Circuit Court, New York, Vol. 134, n0. 214-B.

4 Ethel M. Freeman death record, (Filed February 16 1987; Died February 10,1987), Seminole County, Florida, On file in the Seminole County Public Health Unit, Sanford, Florida. Copy in Possession of Author.

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