Part of the senior project is doing a benefit to the larger community based on my topic. Instead of simply using my knowledge to create a how to do genealogy project, I thought something a little more hands on would be better. Carolyn suggested the idea of volunteering at a genealogy or historical society where they need volunteers to organize their materials.

I contacted Meredith Marcinkewicz, the curator of my town’s historical society and told her the nature of my project and how I was willing to help. She told me how she would love me to work on a project there, so I went in on Saturday morning to introduce myself and get my assignment.

The assignment that she gave me was to organize a shelf full of maps and blueprints related to the town of Shirley.


The  maps were organized by accession numbers. When an artifact enters a museum, the curator catalogues the artifact with an accession number. The accession number is the year it was accessioned and then a number based on consecutive order of the accession. The accession numbers for the maps were written on acid-free paper.


So basically, I made sure things were in the right place and made the shelf more organized. A lot of things like assessor’s maps were not numbered. But with what was number, I made an excel spreadsheet, cataloguing the items on the shelf by accession number, name of map, date of map, and date received by the Shirley Historical Society.


After reorganizing the shelf, even if most of the stuff was in the right order. I made notes of things that may need to be fixed or were missing.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Jake Fletcher