Searching through the box of genealogical research that my grandmother conducted that she left when she passed away, I found this letter with an unidentified telling about their English and Welsh family (my grandmother’s grandparents from England and Wales). According to the relationship they must be cousins of some sort.

The letter is fascinating, the persons grandmother was Margarette McGreevy, my 2x great grandmother, one of several children to an English Father and Welsh mother. Margarette’s mother died when she was young and was sent to live with maternal relatives in Wales.

The person did not know the names of the town in Wales, although they recall it starts with double LL. The town was probably on the sea because their grandmother’s stories often dealt with bodies being washed ashore after storms covered in shrimp, which she would never eat. Another story she had was that she along with the rest of the children would play and where one time they were caught in the “dungeons” when the tide came in. There was also a fair held in the town which was a big event. She also had a brother who fought in the Boer War, was injured, operated upon, and returned only to die of a heart attack. She was there when he died, which would put her in England in at least 1899.

The person said that sometime in the middle 1890s Margarette McGreevy married Jacob(Jack) Olswang (Olswanger) and that two children of this marriage were born in England, Walderman (Walter) in approx. 1896 and Frieda. The person says they were born in Liverpool, England. She stayed in England while Jack went to the US to establish himself. The person says they all sailed over to America 1899-1900 and had two more children in the US, Arthur and Ethel, while Freda died as a very young child in the US.

While some of the information is vague and uncertain, I found it enjoyable to read  and will use it as a beginning to the research of this family.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Jake Fletcher.