I made a great connection last night for my project. I was searching family trees on Ancestry.com for my 3x great grandfather, Azro Daniel Freeman. I found a match in the Roche Family Tree and emailed the author requesting more information, here was the reply.

“Thanks for writing. I have traced the Freemans back to Edmond
Freeman, whose son’s motto for Barnstable, Massachusetts was something
like To Glorify God and To Make Money — a proper Puritan motto if I
ever heard one! I am completing descendant charts, and it looks like
that’s what you’re working on as well. Florence Freeman was my
g2grandmother. Who is your grandmother?”

E-mail dated November 21st 2008.

So she would be my fifth cousin, it’s pretty cool that I was able to find a relative through ancestry.com. There is a lot of source citations and a lot of information in general, so I will definitely count her as a source.

This is very exciting.

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