1. Unpuzzling Your Past by Emily Anne Croom.

This book is for people who have very little idea on how to conduct research in general and how to talk to people about family history. I found some of the things in this book quite obvious and have not used it much.

2. The Genealogist’s Companion and Sourcebook by Emily Anne Croom.

This book I have used as a reference guide to sources in the US. I read this book first and learned about many of the available sources and the best ways to access and use them. This book I would use more for reference then trying to read it all the way through.

3. The Sleuth Book For Genealogists by Emily Anne Croom.

This book is the one I have read most recently and has helped me with research strategies for genealogist’s and how to avoid roadblocks. It relates genealogy to detective work, which makes sense to look at it that way.  While all 3 of these books are  written by the same author and have a bit of overlap, they have been most helpful to my research.

4. A Genealogist’s Guide to Discovering Your Immigrant & Ethnic Ancestors by Sharon Debartolo Carmack.

My project was initially inspired by researching ancestors abroad, so I got this book. It talks about how to complete research here in the US and move on to foreign research. This book talks a lot about immigration and migrating group’s experiences and has good bibliography’s for each ethnic group.

What I have learned however is that books like these quickly go out of date, so they are not always the most helpful. However, I intend to purchase use a few reference books that have been consistently recommended.

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